WillScot Experience

Each person at WillScot, regardless of job title or role, contributes to the kind of experience we want our customers to have every time they interact with us. When all of our people and systems are working together to make our customers’ lives easier, we are delivering the WillScot Experience. This experience can only be achieved when we all do our part. The WillScot Experience, in short, is “we.” This means that every individual’s efforts contribute to our greater success as a whole.

With this concept, we focused on the individual and how they contribute to company as a whole. We incorporated bold, strong shapes, venn diagrams, blocks, and geomteric shapes to communicate a sense of honesty, openness, unity, and easy processes. The system consisted of a logo system, video, printed and digital collateral.

The team consistent of a Brand Strategist, Writer, Brand Experience Director, and a small team of designers. My role was Art Director and lead designer.

This project was designed at BrandExtract.

My Role

Art Director / Designer

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